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Monday, 16 March 2009 20:14

We provide a wide range of activities for our students. Hippotherapy which provides our children with a close contact with horses, supports development of motor skills and motor-visual coordination. Our  children attend  music classes which make them more responsive to music, allow them to relax, play and dance as well as try playing on various musical instruments. Taking care of physical development of our children we carry on individual gymnastics. Exercises are adapted to the needs of particular children, their aim is stance correction, condition improvement and development of motor abilities. Our students also learn simple games and movement games as well as group gymnastics where they are taught group cooperation and group games. Students have the opportunity to visit local zoo. They can take regular walks among beloved animals, take part in preparing food and feeding small animals. They learn how to help zoo workers with everyday chores like sweeping and raking leaves. Regular visits to movie theatre and music concerts in The Center give them opportunity to get to know various music styles and instruments. Through preparing and taking part in seasonal celebrations such as Christmas, Mother's Day our children learn about tradition.

Teachers from The Center conduct seminars on therapy of autism which are organized by Friends of Autistic People Association. Everybody who is interested in what we do is welcome  to visit our website.

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